Re: Reversing section advice

Blair & Rasa

Hello Don
Thanks for the informative and very useful response; yes the explanations
are excellent. As an electronics tech, everything makes sense. Your
comments about relays (and switches) make me think that although that will
accomplish what I want electrically, I will pay an unacceptable price in
performance if the train is visible. Since the reversing section trackage
in question is all staging, however, I wonder if I will even notice a
stagger, if that is the only effect. Are there other drawbacks you can
identify to solutions 2 and 3? Regardless, I am extremely interested in
your offer of more data in solution number 1, as my section Y is only longer
by about one inch than my longest conceived locomotive consist; the power on
my longest lighted passenger train would be shorter, but some of the long
freights will likely be 4 SD40-2 units, which fit with an inch to spare.
The flawless performance of this hidden trackage is important to me, as it
will be central to the operation of both my main line and one of the two
primary interchange railroads on my layout.
Blair Smith

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