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It may or may not help, but telling us where you're at might bring a helpful
person or two out of the woodwork. Sometimes a half-hour conversation over
a coffee can resolve, or avoid, hours of headscratching. In general DCC is
best NOT centralized, but there are other design caveats to be aware of.

Take care
Blair Smith

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Thank you Dale, Max and Doug. Your comments are helpful and appreciated. I
guess this is the problem with wiring and setup. My basic knowledge is
rudimentary to be bordering on worrisome/dangerous and the lack of
confidence re circuitry doesn't help so I looking for specifics. Am
beginning to reluctantly understand that flexibility/variability is perhaps
a feature of the system.

The centralisation concept came from the idea and ease of 'trouble shooting'
etc given that layout is not modular and reasonable large. I must confess,
I get somewhat confused with the manuals and the terminology plus the
various scenarios of intermixing boards - each with their own caveats for
operation. Thankyou for the documentation - I'll go through, try to apply
and progress onwards.

regards Fred (Caboose)


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