Re: Peco Electrofrog Modifications

Steven Haworth

I'm not sure what the code 100s look like - I've been using the code
75s. But in general - the jumpers are feeding the frog, so you want
to break that connection so the frog and the rails extending from it
(away from the points) are not powered at all. Then you can pull the
wire (which on my is already soldered to that section), down thru the
roadbed and use a switch machine or whatever to power that frog

Then, solder jumpers to connect the two outside rails together (on
each side), so they are always powered, which also keep the moving
points powered the same as the adjoining rail.

That help any, or I am just telling you what you already know?

- Steven Haworth
Rio Grande Southern RR site -

On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 10:27 PM, matt_kzj <> wrote:
Just a quick question around the modifications for the Peco Electrofrog
turnouts. I'm using curved code 100's coming out of a helix with Tortoise's
(without the Hare). I have researched all of the posts and have printed out
the manual around the turnouts from the website. My question is with regard
to the factory installed jumpers. The Peco Electrofrog's that I recently
purchased have the jumpers installed at the "exit" side of the frog spanning
across all 4 frog rails (again on the exit side). The diagrams/pictures that
I have seen have the jumpers installed on the "entry" side of the frog
closer to the closure rails. Do I still need to remove this jumper or has
Peco changed the location it so this step is no longer necessary? Would any
of the other steps need to be modified to accomodate for this change? Many
thanks in advance for any advice/help.

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