Re: DCC Distribution comments, please

Blair & Rasa

Agreed. However, I see 12 VDC and 12 VRMS as potentially very different
inputs, depending upon how the booster deals with the input. If a rectifier
bridge and filter cap, even if small, are used, then the 12VRMS will result
in 15-16 VDC in, vs 12VDC from a 12 V power pack. So I think we need to
know more about what the booster does with AC vs DC input power. The real
proof is if we run 5A of load on the DCC bus with different voltage inputs,
AC and DC, and measure how long it takes for the DCS100 to shut down in
disgust. (big grin - try this with caution, folks, it's not smart to let
the magic smoke out of the DCS100).

However, I'm not generally in favor of running into walls just to make sure
they are solid, nor would I run a booster at full rated load just to check
dissipation. If the rail voltage we eventually have is high enough for
full-throttle satisfaction, so be it.
Thanks again

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