Re: question about bus lines and reverse loop.....

wirefordcc <wire4dcc_admin@...>


Hook your reverse loop to your AD520. Then feed your AD520 from your
main bus or booster.

We have had a few occassions where people have wired their reverse
section controller, such as your AD520, to their reverse loop AND also
wired their main bus to the reverse loop. When the reverse section
controller tries to reverse, this wiring arrangement shorts out the
main bus. Never attach your main bus to the reverse loop.

Go to this URL:
This is a reverse loop using a relay to reverse the loop. Just
imagine your AD520 in place of the relay. Notice that the wiring of
the main bus is different colors than that used to feed the reverse
loop. In this drawing, do not attach the blue and magenta colored
main bus to the green and red reverse loop.

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