Re: DCC Distribution comments, please

wirefordcc <wire4dcc_admin@...>


Regarding PS2012: I prefer to have a power source with each
booster/command station. Given the cost of individual power sources
and the PS2012, there really isn't a cost advantage either way. The
PS20212 surprises me as a product because I thought Digitrax was one
of the manufacturers that advised against using a common power source
for their boosters. Note that the Digitrax command station and
boosters can be powered by AC sources. DC is not required.

Loconet plugs: The only reason to have more Loconet plugs is if
someone comes over to operate that doesn't have wireless capability.

Loconet: There is no practical restriction as to how long your
Loconet can be. You can run it anywhere, anyway you want to.

Feeder length: Feeder lengths of 24" is not advised, but if you can
pass the short test (see
you can do it. You might want to consider branching off your main bus
with more 14 AWG sub buses to get shorter feeder lenghts.

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