Re: DCC Distribution comments, please

Blair & Rasa

Allan, others
Schema posted last night, and previous file moved (one note - the schema
posted uses letters to designate connections; they are not related to the
letters used on the floor plan). In the schema, be advised that the yards
depicted vary from 8 to 12 tracks in width. The schema also doesn't show a
couple of important details; the CNR and CPR will either both have, or both
have access to, a reversing loop to allow trains in staging to be turned for
reuse in the same, or subsequent, sessions. The loops will be embedded in
the peninsula that starts at E. In addition, the future existence of a
helix at D and engine turning Y tracks at A and B were omitted.

Further thoughts/data:
I will be wiring the DCC bus with 14/2 Romex, stripped and twisted; each run
from the DCS100 will either run direct to the layout uninterrupted, or pass
through a PM42 or equivalent power distribution centre; other than a few
T-joints, which can have the main bus uninterrupted, there will be no breaks
or other connections to introduce higher impedance in the busses. However,
I am likely to have feeder stretches up to about 24" (actually 48" of wire).
Feeders will run to every piece of track and switch, I'm not fond of
soldering joiners unless I really need to for physical alignment.

Considering all of the above, I think my best bet is to locate boosters at
D(feeds BC, helix) & E (feeds BFG) , with the command station to the right
of A (feeding left of A thru to H). The duct (A-B) will be used to feed
loconet signals from A to B to D/E, but not a DCC bus. Of the three
locations, A will be the most accessible, so it is a good spot to put UR91,

Does anyone have any experience with the PS2012 from Digitrax? It looks
good, but I wonder about, in my situation, running a long DC bus from A to D
and E to get the power to these boosters. It may make a lot more sense to
have localized DC supplies than to buss that around the layout.

Turning to the loconet topic, the layout will be DT400R/UT4 operated, with
perhaps a Zephyr for one or more of the yards (a friend's layout is Zephyr
controlled, and he would like to utilize it on my layout so his young
daughters can participate. my guess is once they use a UT4, this issue will
go away, but...) In order to control the yards, it would seem to me that I
want loconet plugs, at a minimum, at each yard. However, are there other
good reasons for wanting them along the right-of-way? I can't see it. I
suppose one long run around the layout from yard to yard could always be
broken into later to install UP5 panels, but if I can, I'd like to avoid

Funny, the process of writing this down for the list and thinking it
through leaves me with a workable plan, I think. If anyone can see
pitfalls, or better approaches, please fire away .
Blair Smith

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