Re: Installing sound decoders in P2K GP7 & 9s

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Anyone provide advice on installing sound decoders in P2k GP7 or 9s.
Where do I put the speaker?

I can just sell my older ones and buy new engines with sound but I
have super-detailed two of the engines so I need help in installing
the sound decoder.

TIA, Brian
I had the same issues, Had 3 GP7's with Torpedo tubes installes and
roof mount antenna's (PRR Geeps) and istalling sound proved so time
consuming and so damaging to the exiting frames and engines that I
bought a new Proto 2000 GP9 and found that the shells from both my old
GP7's and GP9's fit perfectly on the new factory proto GP9 frames. All
I had to do was take out the long hood number boards and saw the back
part off so the light bulb would fit. Trainworld had them for
$159...All in all it was easier to buy the new units...The time and
effort to get the old units sound ready was not worth the money or

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