Re: DCC Installation Bachmann F(G)n3 Shay

wirefordcc <wire4dcc_admin@...>


I don't know which variation of the Shay you have. In any event, I
only have experience with the first generation. The first
generation required surgery in the trucks to isolate the pickups
from the motor. I don't recall that Bachmann claimed that the first
generation was DCC ready.

The first generation also had trucks that fell apart. Bachmann came
out with a retrofit that solved some of the problems, but it was a
piece of junk to me.

I think about the third generation, Bachmann came out with new
trucks last year. I installed them about 6 months ago. So far, so
good. Knock on wood. These trucks did have the pickups isolated
from motor.

Bachmann's definition of DCC ready and what really is DCC ready are
two VERY different things. If you want a few laughs, read my
installation notes on the DCC ready Consolidation. The colors in
Bachmann definitley don't match NMRA standards. Neither does LGB,
which doesn't claim to be DCC compatiable. LGB has their own
system - which I understand is based on an outdated Lenz system.

I try to retain as much of the manufacturers hardware, but sometimes
it has to go.

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