Re: question about MRC auto reverse unit........

Marcus Ammann

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hello everyone, im new here and i have a question. i purchased a MRC
AD520 auto reverse unit about 6 or 8 months ago. since then i have
gotten my layout ready and need to install it. i am useing the new
Prodigy Advance DCC system and i need to control a reverse loop. the
unit itself has two yellow wires and two red wires. can someone tell
me where these hook to? i have lost the directions that came with the
AD520 since i bought it. any information is greatly appreciated.

Connect the two red wires of the AD520 to your DCC output from your
booster and the two yellow wires to the section of track for the
reverse loop. You must double gap the track at the isolation points.

If the reverse loop uses the same turnout for entry/exit you can use a
switch/microswitch that is operated when the turnout is operated, thus
saving the use of the AD520 for something else like a return loop, a
wye or a turntable.

The turnout has to be operated to turn a train, so this
same "operation" can operate a switch/microswitch/relay etc.


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