Re: DCC Distribution comments, please

wirefordcc <wire4dcc_admin@...>


Thanks for posting the detailed drawing. I will think about your
layout some more over the weekend. I'm sure some of the other people
will have a few comments for you. Here are a few of my initial

You seem to have a good grasp of the "30' rule," so I will assume you
are familar with my website.

Have you considered punching a hole in the wall to run your bus
through it? That would be one way to shorten one of your buses.

In deciding where your boosters will go, you need to think about the
loading on the boosters. Are you likely to have one or more places on
your layout that will have a concentration of running locos? That may
not change any of your plans, but it is something you need to
consider. I suspect you will need a DCS100 and 2 boosters (or
DCS100's operating in booster-only mode).

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