Just a thought, You do not need to select the loco for detection, but
you do need to select it for transponding. Did you try to run the
loco on that short test track? If the loco is transponding the front
LED should have a slight flicker to it when the headlight is off.



Apparently someone has gotten this system to work! Good!

The loco DID run forward and back on the test track; turning the
loco around, it worked the same way and the LED does flicker when
the headlight is off so according to what I've read, this does
indicate that transponding is turned on.
However, I get no loco address showing in the DT400 when I push
the 'FIND' button with the loco sitting on the test track.
Unless I missed something, this is the way to find a particular loco
sitting on a detection section, like track in a hidden area;
You select the address you want to locate then push the 'FIND'
button but no section is indicated in the DT400 display.
Digitrax gave me the answer 'o' the day: check your wiring.
I set up a terminal strip as shown in their manual.
I used #18 stranded wire from the terminal strip thru the RX4 on the
non-printed side, exiting the printed side and then soldered to pin
#1 on the connector that the BDL162 plugs in to. I loosely looped
the wire as shown in their instructions.
Should I have also soldered the wire to pin 'A' on the pin connector?
If I move the wire from the test track section to any of the other
pin connectors, the LT5 shows that detection is working in each
respective section.
So, according to what I've read, loco detection works fine but
transponding is not showing the address sitting in a detection

This is as far as I've gotten so far because I want to be sure
transponding works as it should before laying all the track in my
yard and hidden areas.
Was wondering if any later info/manual was available on this.


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