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Mike Mogensen here perplexed as usual in Indy.

Was wondering if you or any member has had first hand experience
implementing transponding/detection using BDL162 and RX4.
Hi Allan. I'm also interested in getting this to work, but am not
quite as far along as you are. I did notice that DigiTrax decoders
seem to come factory set with transponding turned off. (I'm not sure
if that's what you meant by CV 62 since I'm using DecoderPro.)

I've also heard that some sound-equipped locos break transponding
(notably QSI decoders). I have a couple of these and was planning to
add DigiTrax TL1s and have been told that it won't work. I will give
it a try, but so far haven't gotten all the pieces I need in one place.

It's interesting that there have been almost no responses to questions
about transponding. I asked similar questions on the DigiTrax group
and got only responses saying things like "it doesn't work" and "it's
not useful." The former may be true, but the latter certainly isn't!
There may be some "dirty little secret" to the DigiTrax
implementation or maybe most people are waiting until a standard
method is added to the DCC spec.

Hang in there and let us know your progress. You're not the only one
interested in this feature.


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