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Well, OK. Pick any signal diode - get 2. 50 V or greater, 100ma or greater. Its just not critical. 1N400x, 1N914, 1N4148, whatever you can find in your junk-box or at Radio Shack.
The cathode end of each diode is marked with a band. the other end is the anode.

Connect them cathode to cathode and connect those to one side of the relay coil. (this will be the + end).
Connect the anode of the first diode (the catch diode) to the other side of the relay coil and to the sw machine driver (this will be the - end).
Connect the anode of the second diode to the other output terminal of the sw machine driver.

The relay should pick up when the sw machine driver is set for one direction and not pick up when set for the other direction. You can test it w/ a 9V battery.

And Yes...Find a sensitive relay that activates with a minimum of coil ma. Look for one with more than 400 ohms of resistance (<30 ma) if possible. The Omron G5A-234-P-DC12 w/ 720 ohm coil DPDT will work but has only a 1 amp contact rating. See also Omron G6B-2214P-US-DC12, DPST, 5 amps, 480 ohm (25ma) coil, ~$5 in the DigiKey catalog.


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After looking again at the output capability of the various stationary
decoders, 160mA seems high. I found this "low signal" relay from
Mouser which seems more appropriate:

The Omron G5A-234P-DC12 only draws 16.7mA at 12VDC. (They have an
even lower signal one that draws 12.5mA, the "high sensitivity" version.)

These relays should be able to be driven by any stationary decoder,
including the popular NCE Switch-It.

Now, if someone can suggest appropriate diodes to be used with this
relay, I'll be set.

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