Re: accessory decoders to drive relays

John Coker

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Yes. Simply use an accessory decoder designed to handle a
Tortoise stall type switch motor. Thes are designed to provide a
continuous rather than a pulse output. You can attach the relay to
one of the 'Tortoise' outputs, without an actual tortoise motor
being present. Put a diode in series with a 12Vdc relay coil so
that it operates in only one 'direction' of output power. be sure
to also use a 'catch' diode across the relay coil.

Thanks for the info.

Reading between the lines in your reply, it sounds like the Tortoise
expects continuous DC input, with the polarity varying to control
the switch position. I assume that means that the outputs for these
type of switch machines are always at 12VDC and ground, with
alternate polarites when the switch is thrown and clear. Is that

Can you please elaborate on the function of the "catch" diode and
the appropriate types of diodes to use for an electronics neophyte?


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