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Yes. Simply use an accessory decoder designed to handle a Tortoise stall type switch motor. Thes are designed to provide a continuous rather than a pulse output. You can attach the relay to one of the 'Tortoise' outputs, without an actual tortoise motor being present. Put a diode in series with a 12Vdc relay coil so that it operates in only one 'direction' of output power. be sure to also use a 'catch' diode across the relay coil.


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Hello folks! I am a new member of this group (and newly entering
model railroading and working my way through all the new stuff
available through DCC).

I was browsing the reviews of accessory decoders on Tony's Train
Exchange and they all seem to be intended for short-term loads. I.e.,
they expect to be off except for brief periods when they are on to
operate a switch machine. Does anyone know if any can be used in to
drive a relay coil to implement an electronic toggle switch? For this
use, I would like need them to continuously power the relay when
"thrown", not just for a short period of time.

FYI, I want to drive a DPDT relay to switch one stub on my layout to
the programming outputs for mobile decoder programming. Since
everything else is to be computer controlled, I would like to use an
accessory decoder and control this state from the computer as well.
(Ideally this would be interlocked with the switch leading to this
stub so that the switch could not be thrown for the stub while in
programming mode.)

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