Decoder for the Bachmann Gas Mechanical Loco

rustierail <rickanmary@...>


I purchased the Bachmann On30 0-4-0 Side Rod Gas Mechanical Loco. THe
unit is DCC ready the plug on the PC board has 8 female plugs in a

All the male sockets I have found (and used in other units) have the
8 male plugs but in two rows of 4 and 4.

I contacted techsupport at digitrax and sent the PC board diagram and
they recommended DH163PS or DZ143PS. But looking on the digitax web
page and the pictures showed the 4 on 4 plug.

Or do they expect you to solder the wires to the feamle plugs on the
PC board. Has anyone connected on of these units before?

Confussed any suggestions.

Thanks for any help

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