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Sorry, it doesn't appear that any of us have tried transponding.
think transponding is neat, but it still isn't in my budget.

Try giving Digitrax a call.


It seems that more people use the detection features of the BDL162
rather than combined with transponding and that works fine.
Even Loy Spurlock passed and said to call Digitrax.
It seems that there is only one guy there that knows transponding
and he's always on the phone however I did talk to one of the tech
minions who had no answers to my specific questions and only said to
check my wiring.
Needless to say, that I'm very disillusioned with Digitrax's tech
responses. Example: My DCS100 gives off 9 beeps when I power up.
That many beeps isn't in their beep list so I inquired via email;
Response by nameless person: It's just waking up grumpy.
So far, most of their stuff works but if it doesn't, a person is
just up the creek.

Since transponding isn't in your budget, wanna try your hand at it?
I'll send the whole kit and caboodle to you and see if you can make
it work.
Is your address on your website?
It'll be on its way tomorow via Fedex.


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