Re: DCC installs in brass steam?

Dale Gloer

I have done several brass steam engines. Either they were manufactured
with can motors or had been retrofitted with can motors. In each of
them it was only necessary to unsoldered a wire from the frame to
isolate the motor. One motor conversion I did myself and I don't
remember how the motor was connected to the frame for sure but I think
it was a fairly simple change to isolate the connection. I guess with
open frame motors you have to examine each one individually.

Actually converting to a can motor was not to hard and the improvement
in operation was worth the cost and effort.


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I have learned that is fairly difficult and/or expensive to install
decoders into brass due to isolating the frame. Does anyone have

My one thought is to have stock car with several different sound
decoders based on engine type and always have it hooked to the
but how do I wire it with just one speaker?

TIA, Brian

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