Hornby zero1 & DCC

velocmac350 <larby@...>

I have operated my large layout by zero 1 for years with no problems
and underestand that it operates by a analog signal transported on a
20volt dc supply to the track which is now obsolete. and IS NOT DCC.

To change over would cost over £1000 with ZTC they say that their 511
controller will operate in zero1 mode and DCC but it has to be one or
the other no both
At the moment I can double-head & bank or control 3 or 4 locos at once
useing my 3 slave units
to do this with DCC would need 511 master extra power boosters and
slave units as I understand it plus all the hornby decoders changed
am I missing something or is this correct?
cheers clive larby

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