Mike Mogensen here perplexed as usual in Indy.

Was wondering if you or any member has had first hand experience
implementing transponding/detection using BDL162 and RX4.

I read all the info I could get before starting, both the manuals that
came with the units and also Loy's DCC Encyclopedia.

I wired the BDL and RX4 up on a board and then applied the section in
the RX4 manual (8.6) to test it on a piece of flex track using one
I used a loco with a DN163AO decoder, with CV61 set to 002 to perform
the testing.

Detection works OK using the LT5 tester and the correct diodes light
up to detect occupancy so am satified that detection works as it
should but I get no indication of transponding either in the BDL 162
or on the DT400 throttle using the FIND key.

I double checked all the wiring and OPS Switches on the BDL using the
troubleshooting tips in both the manuals and the DCC Encyc and am
satisfied that all are correctly set; still no transponding.

Maybe the magic wand or secret incantation was omitted from the

I know this can be a complicated subject but everything I read doesn't
seem to indicate and impossible implemantation.


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