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My club has a requirement for a tram that just goes back and forth
between it's terminal track and staging/storage.

I have an Idea to share, but first I would like to stress that I am
an amateur and no portion of what follows has been tested. The only
hardware involved is an auto-reverser. Basically you create two
insulated track sections connected to your existing track. The
middle section is connected to the autoreverse and is the route
traveled by your tram. The outer portions( an end peice and the
connection to your layout) are connected to your DCC but wired for
opposite polarity. A DC engine placed in the middle section will
travel to each insulated joint where it will trigger the AR. A DC
engine will only do this facing one direction so you may have to
change polarity of the whole she-bang if you want the loco facing a
particular way. When the tram reverses it will be abrupt and the
track will be @12vdc all the time so it will basically be running
full throttle. This whole set up would theoretically work with a DCC
loco, then you would have speed control, but... I have no idea how
decoders react to having their polarity abruptly changed.

Hopefully I have clearly conveyed the concept. I'd like to hear
form the voice of experience on this as I plan to incorporate it
into my layout in the next few months.

good luck,

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