Re: Kato HO Unitrack #4 turnouts 2850/2851 with DCC

traincrazee <david.horn@...>

Thanks Don. You are correct; it is not reversing just simply a shorter
loop around if the switches are set to turn in toward the center of the
loop than if set straight. Thanks for confirming the info for me and
need for leads. TC

--- In WiringForDCC@..., "Vollrath, Don" <dvollrath@m...>
Your description sounds like the track loop and shortcut is not
a 'reversing' loop, but more like a mainline by-pass or simple siding.
In that case it is only necessary to isolate the power routing track
switch at both rails leading way from the "V" crotch as you called it,
AKA the frog. Same treatment at both ends of the shortcut track. Yes,
then you must connect independant DCC power feed wires to the shortcut
track section. you will also need them to feed the original outside
loop of track.

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