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Your description sounds like the track loop and shortcut is not a 'reversing' loop, but more like a mainline by-pass or simple siding. In that case it is only necessary to isolate the power routing track switch at both rails leading way from the "V" crotch as you called it, AKA the frog. Same treatment at both ends of the shortcut track. Yes, then you must connect independant DCC power feed wires to the shortcut track section. you will also need them to feed the original outside loop of track.

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I'm new to DCC. I have my track plan done. Part of it includes a
loop with a shortcut. That is there is a HO Kato #4 switch
(2850/2851) on the straight sides of the loop with curved track
connecting the switches. Thus creating a "shortcut" around the loop
or passing siding between the sides of the loop. I want to use HO
Kato #4 Untrack switches because they match the 550mm (21 5/8")
radius curves at both ends of the loop and the "shortcut". I will
operate using DCC. I want to use them with DCC, but it seems since
they are Power Routing only (i.e. they have no mode selection) they
may not work OTB with DCC. I read the article on wiring Kato HO
Unitrack #4 turnouts with DCC . I also called Kato
and spoke to a tech. He said that all I need to do is use Insulator
RailJoiners on the #2 and #3 rails. If you look at a right hand
turnout top lefthand rail is #1, so insulator rail joiners would go
on the rails that come into the crouch or "V" of the turnout/switch.
Is it really that simple? The article mentioned opening up the
turnout, etc.

Will I need to run power leads to the shortcut section in order for
it to receive power while the turnouts at either end of the shortcut
are set straight? With the insulator railjoiners installed will the
#2 or #3 frog rail fail to get any power when the turnout is set
opposite their direction, even if I run leads to the shortcut tracks?

Thanks in advance for your help. I realize the #6 HO Kato turnouts
(2860/2861) are "mode selectable" and therefore DCC friendly, but I
don't want to redesign this portion of my layout, especially because
it will effect the geometries of neighboring tracks as well.

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