Re: DCC HO DC Question

Blair & Rasa


1. The DCC systems I've encountered all required AC input. Have you found
one that runs on DC power?
Digitrax. AC or DC input. They specifically did not put the wall-mains
input section into the DCS100. I suspect that was because of a) simplicity
of not having to certify that high-voltage front end, and b) not having to
have different front ends for different power regions.

2. Power is not the same as speed with DCC, the DCC signal is full power
all the time. However, more power in the signal allows more speed. I like
to aim for 14-15 volts on the tracks, which implies a similar amount of
input power.
Nope. Power is not at issue, as power is the product of Volts and Amps. My
concern here is strictly the peak voltage available to the Digitrax circuit
producing the DCC waveform. To have 14-15 volts at the track, your DC
source must have that voltage PLUS whatever headroom the switching circuits

I guess the upshot is, "try it", and see whether I get acceptable

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