Re: DCC HO DC Question

Jan Frelin <jan.frelin@...>

At 21:34 2005-07-11 -0400, Rasa and Blair Smith wrote:

For those with a lot more experience. I keep reading comments about 13.8
VDC not being enough to power DCC systems for HO, because you "dont get
enough speed out of the locos". Now, when I think about it for not very
long, it seems to me that that implys running the units at full throttle and
being unsatisfied with performance. So what voltage DC is required to
achieve full performance? Yes, I realize that we have to assume a few
things, like the voltage drop to the farthest corner of the layout, etc.
etc, but ignoring those factors for a moment, what input voltage DC should
we strive for to get satisfactory DCC performance?

1. The DCC systems I've encountered all required AC input. Have you found
one that runs on DC power?
2. Power is not the same as speed with DCC, the DCC signal is full power
all the time. However, more power in the signal allows more speed. I like
to aim for 14-15 volts on the tracks, which implies a similar amount of
input power.

If 13.8 VDC is satisfactory as long as we aren't looking for slotcar
performance, then the next question becomes will a DCC system perform
satisfactorily from an automobile electrical system? With and without
alternator charging system, or only when the car is running?
12 VDC is the minimum input, right? Or is that optimistic?

I ask all of this because there is a significant chance I am going to want
to go off-grid in my next abode, and I expect 12 Volts will be part of my
life at that point.
Like I wrote above, the systems I've found all require AC input. I was
going to say that you can always change the power source at a later time if
it doesn't work, but your situation kind of rules that out.

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