Re: Plaudits for Bachmann


And, of course, now that I have a spare DCC decoder, I'll have to buy
a DCC-ready Bachmann loco to put it into :-) So not so silly on
their part, regardless :-)


--- In WiringForDCC@..., "Scott" <scottmac99@...> wrote:

Can't say that I disgree with you, but something is better than
nothing at all :-)


--- In WiringForDCC@..., steve kibort <kibort@> wrote:

Very nice of Bachmann but they should have responded to your e-
notified you by e-mail of their intent.

Scott wrote:
I just want to acknowledge Bachmann's customer service ... I
them that I had purchased a DDC-equipped loco (from Tower
Hobbies) and
that I couldn't get it working, although an identical one I had
purchased at the same had no problem. My email was (I thought)
ignored, until 2 or weeks later when the mail bought me a new
decoder, free of charge. Totally unexpected and big help
because I
live in Melbourne, Australia and to send a loco back to the USA
for a
warrantee service would have been prohibitively expensive.

btw, in the intervening period I had decided to open up the
of the little gas mechanicals) and wiggled a few things round -
lesson I have learned from 'fixing' malfunctioning computers -
and that
did the trick :-)
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