Tom O'Hara

I would suggest to reduce this to the simplest situation. By that, I mean I would first check your wiring (I assume you have, but...). Then just use the PowerCab to RESET one of the decoders and see if it starts behaving. If so, then try the other one. I'm suggesting that you get the DecoderPro out of the situation. If the decoders work, then there must be a glitch in your computer/connections. If they don't, then I would either remove a decoder from its engine and try the reset again; or just remove enough wiring to check the decoder in the engine. Similarly for the other decoder. If neither resets, then you have a decoder problem. If they reset, back to looking at the wiring.


On Thu, Nov 24, 2022 at 12:02 PM Lawrence Varady <mrmrsv5049@...> wrote:
I have a PowerCab system with JMRI.
I just installed a NCE N12K0A into a Kato P42 and programmed it with decoder pro.
The CV's I programmed on a Prgm Track read back after programming and the Headlight responds correctly, but that's all??? I t won't move!
I also have a Kato SD70MAC with a TCS K1D4 which just wants to run full speed after it starts moving slowly. This happens with basic or speed table all programmed and read as 10?
Any help greatly appreciated.

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