Re: Solid vs Strand Wire for Feeders and Main Bus ??

Steve Haas


Bernard inquires:


>>>>> Which Type of Wire actually works best for DCC signal ?? Strand Wire or Solid Wire, <<<<<


There’s no difference in performance between stranded and solid wire at the voltages and frequencies used with DCC.  


It boils down to personal preference and convenience.


Like many others who have responded I use stranded for busses, sub busses, and track busses,  12, 14, 16 AWG as needed based on distances.


          Having to rework large portions of an existing layout, the flexibility of stranded wire made all the difference in the world.


          There are others who prefer solid buss wire as they find it easier to strip and then solder feeders to.


For track feeders off those busses we’ve used solid wire stripped from phone cable (we had a lot of it).  As others have said, its great for bending into shape to lay down against the web of the rail.  This worked well for us as most track feeders were less than 16” in length (most were 3 – 4”), and every piece of rail was connected to the local track buss.


That worked well on a layout (28’ x 42’) for almost 30 years until the owner died and the layout was dismantled. 


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My layout  will be About 20 feet in length
Thank You Bernard

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