Re: Reverse Loop Problem

Jim Betz


  Reverse loops are pretty simple - once you understand it.

  Basic premise is that the entire reverse loop is -only- powered via the
reverser.  As in - the reverse loop does not share power with any other
  This sounds like a "reverse loop wiring problem".

  1) Have you double-gapped both legs of the reversing switch where it
      connects to the loop body track?  That's 4 gaps (all 4 rails/two for
      each direction)..
  2) Did you connect the AR-1 to the body of the loop (and not include the
  3) Are you -certain- that there are no other connections to the reverse loop?
  4) Have you checked with a meter to make sure the reverse loop is 
       actually isolated from the rest of the layout?  To check this disconnect
       both power supply wires to the reverse loop - then power up the rest of
       the layout and put the meter between one of the rails of the reverse
       loop and test against both rails of the rest of the layout - should be
       dead.  Test both rails of the reverse loop.
                                                                                   - Jim in the PNW

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