Reverse Loop Problem

Tom Grassi



Hope all is well


I have a simple setup here.


I have one track Black wire on inside rail and red wire on outside rail    that connects to a right hand Atlas Powered frog turnout.


The diverging track has the opposite black and red wires so I get a short circuit.


I have an NCE AR10 and that did not work same problem


So I have a TAM Valley Mono Frog Juicer MFJ


I have a green wire on the frog connected to the middle contact on the MFJ


I have a red and black wire on the outer contacts on the MFJ


I have them alligator clipped onto the track


I tried on the main line and flipped them


I tried on the diverging track and flipped them


Still short circuit the track


I tested the frog I do have power on the on the frog.


The diverging track has insulated joiners

I have an NCE AR10 and that did not work same problem

The wiring is simple   three wires on the Mono Frog Juicer
Four wires on the NCE AR10  the frog wire is connected to a tortoise machine when I use the AR10  but when I try the MFJ the frog wire connects to the MFJ

That's really the only difference

I really do not believe I have two bad boards. but its possible.

Any ideas or suggestions.

Tom Grassi

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