Re: Wiring a swing gate?

David McBrayer

Using a “limit switch” to drive a relay is an excellent idea.  My suggestion is use a low AC voltage in the control circuit.  Note the current ratings on the switch you showed in the link.  
The reason for the much lower current rating with DC voltage is caused by arcing when the contacts open.  Initially the switch will “work” very well, but eventually the switch will become intermittent, and then fail.  Using a low AC voltage in the control circuit slows the degradation of the switch contacts immensely; to many years out.   An inexpensive wall wart transformer would be a great power supply. 

—Dave McBrayer 
Auburn, CA 

On Jun 8, 2022, at 07:21, Jim Betz <jimbetz@...> wrote:

  Very soon I'll be laying track across two swing gates.  Both gates are two 
levels of track.  When a gate is open I want the track on the gate - and the
approaches on either side - to be dead (no track power).

  What method for turning the power on and off do you recommend?  Or
better yet "have you used"?

  My thought is to use a micro switch that goes to a relay that cuts the
power/restores it.  I'm thinking the kind of switch that would be used for
a refrigerator door or some other such application.  These usually have
a short arm with a roller on it and are activated by the pressure that
moves the arm.  These are known as "limit switches".

  I'm open to other solutions/suggestions.
                                                                            - Jim in the PNW

Dave McBrayer
Auburn, CA

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