Wiring a swing gate?

Jim Betz


  Very soon I'll be laying track across two swing gates.  Both gates are two 
levels of track.  When a gate is open I want the track on the gate - and the
approaches on either side - to be dead (no track power).

  What method for turning the power on and off do you recommend?  Or
better yet "have you used"?

  My thought is to use a micro switch that goes to a relay that cuts the
power/restores it.  I'm thinking the kind of switch that would be used for
a refrigerator door or some other such application.  These usually have
a short arm with a roller on it and are activated by the pressure that
moves the arm.  These are known as "limit switches".


  I'm open to other solutions/suggestions.
                                                                            - Jim in the PNW

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