Re: Walthers Cornerstone 90' Turntable DCC Wiring issue

Vincent P. Chianese

Don’t really know much about this but why not try the effected engine on a test track not any pf the ones associated with the turntable or bridge.


If that loco works on a test track then you problem is within the turntable install.  If it doesn’t work on a test track then you at least know it is faulty.  Now comes a real problem is it faulty due to it’s contact with the turntable or some other reason?


My point is if you keep putting locos on the turn table and it is causing the problems in the loco you will soon run out of locos that work.





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Sent: Friday, May 6, 2022 11:46 AM
Subject: Re: [w4dccqa] Walthers Cornerstone 90' Turntable DCC Wiring issue


Hello ALL,

I removed the base from the layout and this time I marked the NO TRACK ZONES. and Home Base on the Lip of the base.

Now I know where they are when it is placed on the layout.

I reset the turntable and tested main line to bridge still had a problem.

Put the engine on the bridge directly and still no commands to the engine.

So I tried another engine and that worked.   But the commands to the engine are delayed    

Do not understand why the engine with the keep alive had a problem on the turntable  maybe the decoder ?

I am going to setup the other service tracks and try difference engines see how they perform

Any ideas or suggestions?

Tom Grassi

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