Re: Walthers Cornerstone 90' Turntable DCC Wiring issue

Allan AE2V

Hi Tom,

The Walthers Cornerstone turntables have reversing built in.  When wired correctly, you do not need an automatic reversing module.

The key is wiring it right.  Look at the diagram on my website at:

It is drawing for general turntables, so it shows a reversing controller.  Since reversing capability is built into the Walthers, you do not need the reversing controller. 

DO NOTE that the tracks on the top of my diagram and the bottom both have the "blue" tracks on the left and the "red" on the right.  DO NOT wire you turntable with the red and blue alternating all the way around the circle.  You can assume the top tracks in my diagram are those tracks going into the roundhouse and the tracks on the bottom are those that bring the locomotive to the turntable from the rest of your layout.  Also note that if you have a situation where a train will go straight across the turntable as might be done with a big loco, you will see that the red and blue rails align.

Walthers does not use electronics to reverse their turntable.  If you have one loco that works and another doesn't, that's a different problem.  The same goes for a loco that responds with a delay.  I'm thinking that the DCC signal on your track is corrupted and the loco is having a hard time getting a good signal.  Is your turntable more than 30 feet from your booster?  Did you twist bus wires leading in the direction of your turntable?|

Allan Gartner
Wiring For DCC

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