Walthers Cornerstone 90' Turntable DCC Wiring issue

Tom Grassi

I am installing a Walthers 90’  Cornerstone Turntable on my third level.


I have the turntable placed.  Leveled off.


I have the wiring on the turntable done so my turn table now has power.


I added the service tracks   filed down the rails on each service track.


The lead in track has power and was coded as track 1


I have a total of 7 service tracks


I coded 3 and the turntable stops at each one.


So far so good.


I placed an engine on the lead in track   and ran it into the bridge.


When the engine hit the bridge tracks my entire DCC system shutdown I have a short circuit.


I use a black and red wire for my feeders


My bus line is Blue and brown wire.


So on the diagram in the manual they marked the track A and B


B I used my Black Wire  and that connects to the Blue wire on the bus line and this is the same for my entire layout.


A I used my Red wire and that connects to the Brown wire on the bus line.


The engine has a keep alive and when it made its way onto the bridge as I said the entire dcc shutdown and it came back right away the engine keep going even when I changed the speed step to 0


So I reset the system.   And I have power on the bridge and the engine is still on the bridge track but I cannot send any command to the engine from my power cab


I just placed the engine on the bridge  and still no commands being processed.


I put my volt meter on the service track and I have 14 volts which is what I have on all my track on my layout.


When I put the volt meter on the bridge track  I do not get the same reading it varies


I ideas or suggestions

Tom Grassi

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