Re: NCE Switch 8 alternative

JimD - G&J--BKRR

I was hoping to be able to do both. I have enough and can get more button boards (and/or minipanels)  Sometimes operating with a dispatcher, sometimes with just 1-2 operators. 
I realize that a JMRI panel can get out of sync regarding true turnout positions but I believe this can be avoided at the start of a session with a script or possibly turnout feedback through an AIU.
I am no expert, but hopefully gaining a workable knowledge of the amazing system we know as DCC!!! 
Please correct any misunderstandings on my part! 
I did not plan on, nor have any hardware for, a Loconet nor LCC detection/control system.  as I decided my modest railroad (3-4 operators, 6-8 locos; absolute maximum) was within a complete NCE system's capability. "They (the NCE components) play nicely together", a respected contributor once wrote! :)
I am willing to use a component (accessory decoder) of any manufacturer.

NOTE, latest news: a kind member of the group did have a Switch 8 available so my immediate crisis is resolved but the issue of NCE component availability remains serious. It is my understanding they are working full-time making the Power Cab and remain limited by chip availability for their other products. 

Jim Donahue
Old friend of the Battenkill RR/G&J/D&H

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