NCE Switch 8 alternative

JimD - G&J--BKRR

As I build out my layout with the great help from these forums, I've run into the problem of having too few Switch 8 MK2 decoders. So far my system is 95% NCE with the 5amp Power-Pro, 3 AIU's, 3 Switch8's, Light-its, and 2 Minipanels being installed as I go. All of these components were purchased several years ago but are finally getting their chance to shine! And so far so good.  I need to control  5-7 more Tortoises. I have exhausted all avenues/searches to get just one more Switch 8. I do not want to loose momentum, finally getting to build a layout I designed. I am open to any suggestions regarding possible alternatives. I am only superficially aware of other manufacturers' product lines but would be willing to learn if it is a reasonable option. Thank you.

Jim Donahue
Old friend of the Battenkill RR/G&J/D&H

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