Re: Walthers 130' dc turntable, how to maually index

Jim Betz

  Although you have a working turntable now - the use of "rubbing alcohol" is
not recommended for cleaning contacts.  Rubbing alcohol has a lot of oil in
it (to make the rubbing smooth) and that oil will usually/eventually create a
problem in the very parts you are cleaning.
  The recommended cleaners for any kind of contact surface are "contact
cleaner" or a high percentage isopropyl alcohol (such as 90%).  
  I have had enough trouble caused by the use of rubbing alcohol that I'd
recommend you get a better cleaner and go back and redo what seems to
be working.  At a minimum get the correct cleaner and when it fails again
use that instead of rubbing alcohol.
                                                                                - Jim in the PNW

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