Re: Wall wart uses?


On Fri, Mar 25, 2022 at 11:07 AM, Blair wrote:

Unintelligible.  Do you mean on the 20VDC range, the meter reads 14.75VDC?  If so, it's unregulated.

I measured 13.86V on the original power supply which goes with DCS51, I'd expect similar value on the original "wall wart" (2.5A) with DCS50.

  Using it for anything that requires 12VDC unequivocally will certainly violate a warranty, and may produce smoke. 

I'm not aware of any DCC equipment which strictly requires 12V only.

Connecting it to anything that wants 15 volts at any reasonable current will be questionable, because the output will 'sag' towards 12V as you draw more current.

Use it for less critical stuff if you want, but remember, as you load it down that voltage will drop, so performance may change.  Me, I'd shelve it or toss it.

The first concern should be the safety. Does the "wall wart" meet the safety requirement for MRR, specifically the isolation ?

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