Re: Droppers to bus


Perhaps I should clarify some of what I did. The wires from the command station to the terminal block are 18 AWG, and are simply screwed to the TB. From there, the wires are 20 AWG all the way to the front of the layout, near where the feeders are. They are then connected to feeders by WAGO's. Then the feeder/20 AWG go to the track where they are soldered. So the only soldering I had to do was to the rails. And the connections to WAGO and the TB are physical, but extremely solid. I see no way for them to fail - You can tug on them. As well as tugging on the solder joints. Hope this clarifies some. I'm not afraid of soldering, and can do so with confidence. It's just that I wanted an easier way to fix any problems. And so far, in over 2 yrs, no problems anywhere with wiring.
Morgan Bilbo, DCC since 8/18. Model PRR 1952.

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