Voltage measuring issue

Michael Berus

Dear DCC users,
I have an intermittent voltage measuring issue, 
not an operational issue, at least not yet!  About 2/3 the time I measure half voltage and the other times full voltage.  Now this occurs whether I measure across the rails or if I measure at any of the boosters from Rail A to ground plus Rail B to ground.  I have the system set to about 16 volts.  When measuring half voltage I get a reading like this.
Across the rails= 8.00 volts
Rail A to ground= 4 volts, Rail B to ground= 4 volts so the sum is 8.00 volts.
I have a large S scale layout with 6 boosters and this measurement phenomina occurs at all boosters. I probably have 20 engines all with sound on the layout all the time.

So far this has caused absolutely NO operating problem.  If I wasn't measuring the voltage I wouldn't even know it was happening. I discovered this while voltage matching the different boosters.  I don't have any shorts, no blown decoders, (I have snubbers at the end of all main runs) The one thing I did not do was twist the wire pairs of the main runs as I was not aware of the need to do this during construction and I do have some main feeders in the 50 foot range, that's why I installed the snubbers.

I am using a Digitraxx DCS 200 with DB 200 boosters and one DB 210.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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