Re: QuadLN_S - another option for servos and block detection (and signaling)


I have been using 2 QuadLN_S on my small layout for several years and just added a third. Excellent product and support.

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Hi.  Since Allan has recently written about servos and block detectors in MR, I thought I would add a shameless plug for the QuadLN_S product family.   The QuadLN LocoNet servo decoder came out in 2014 and became the QuadLN_S with 8 servo support not long after that.  Block Detection and Signaling add-on boards were also developed along the way.  You can mix-and-match servos, fascia controllers, detectors and signaling based on your needs.  The QuadLN_S is field-upgradeable, and the firmware functionality has been under continually enhancement - the latest version 3 firmware supports up to 16 servos!  If you are interested in finding out more, here is a link:   Thanks.




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