Re: Wiring a NCE Switch 8 to Mini Panel

Brent Johnson

The Switch 8 appears to be wired correctly as it does what it is supposed to do when a command is sent from the Pro Cab. I wired the push buttons to the panel like you said, only difference is I daisy chained the ground wire between the push buttons so I end up with one wire going to the ground port. I am not using Leds. 

I just tried changing the address from default 3 on the mini panel and reprogrammed it. Still not responding. Everything looks like it’s wired correctly. 


On Dec 31, 2021, at 8:20 AM, Tom Grassi via <trgrassijr@...> wrote:


Output 1 and 8 from the tortoise goes to the Switch 8 

Not sure what type of push buttons you have but two wires from the push button goes to the mini panel   1 wire to one of the 1 -32 ports the other wire goes to the ground port on the mini panel I setup a terminal block for the ground wires  the mini panel only has three spots for ground.  

Do you have LED's on you push button panel?   If so then the two wires go to the output 1 on the tortoise  you splice the output one wire and put the LED wires one on each end you may need to flip flop them use clips to test first.

Tom Grassi

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