Re: Wiring a NCE Switch 8 to Mini Panel

Steve Haas

Brent Johnson inquires:


“I am wiring a staging yard control panel for push button routing using a NCE Switch 8 and NCE mini panel. I wired the Switch 8, tested it, and each tortoise responded to their accessory addresses correctly.”


A good start!


“I then programmed the mini panel.  When I tested the mini panel routing on the ProCab or the push buttons, neither responded.”


How did you do your initial testing of the Switch 8? What did you use to send commands to it that allowed it to properly drive the tortoise to your satisfaction?


I’m a bit confused by your comment that you tested the mini panel routing on the ProCab – is that part of the programming process for the Mini-panel??? It’s been years since I’ve had to program one and the mind doesn’t retain everything like it used to <GRIN>.  One does not activate a Mini-panel input via a ProCab.  Mini-panel commands are triggered by grounding the input in question (typically by a push button).  That triggers the execution of the command(s) programmed in the Mini-panel connected to that input.  If you are grounding input #1 and that doesn’t do what you programmed input #1 to do you will need to review your programming.  You should also review the addressing of the Switch 8(s) in question.



“Should the Switch 8 be wired directly to the mini panel somehow?”




“The Switch 8 is fed by the track power and the mini panel is fed by the cab bus.”


That is correct.


“Any help is appreciated.”


I’d review what I’ve said here, see if it makes sense.  A better place to ask for help on this topic is the NCE-DCC group on


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