NCE Switch-Kat address programming

Lawrence Varady

I'm hoping someone uses the NCE Switch Kat to control Kato Turnouts and can help me.

I have a Kato track system using an NCE Power Cab and 16 NCE Switch Kats.
When I just used the Power Cab system, I arbitrarily addressed my 16 turnouts as 100-117.

In JMRI the System Name for my 16 turnouts are NT1-NT16.
The NCE AIU-01s are used for turnout state feedback. They are set to Cab Address 4 and 9.
Sensor System Names (per AIU formula) for NT1-14 is NS48-61 and for NT15 & 16 is NS135 & 136.
My question is what address do I program into the SKs when using JMRI?


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