Re: Auto reverse area “dead”


elemental sketch - just de-curve your layout drawing, trying to minimize the points where tracks cross over, etc. I do this to try and figure out how I would depict the layout on a control panel.  For me, it makes the layout "essential features" much more easily determined.  In your case, it makes the simple loop nature of your layout clear, so observing where reversing sections are needed is straightforward.

Anyway, glad the comment helped.  If zone 2 is still giving you grief, and you've verified all of your booster gapping is indeed gapped (with no feeders inadvertently crossing from one zone to the other, for example, then it comes down to checking each and every feeder.  Tedious.  As Don said, it may come down to cutting/disconnecting feeders until the short goes away, then reconnecting, testing as you go.  If you have to do this, then consider having a buzzer and battery connected instead of the booster.  That's how I wire my feeders, and as a result I know immediately if something is wrong.

Good luck


On 2021-12-02 21:18, Charles Cauble wrote:
I don’t understand elemental sketches but your description of the track needing it’s polarity swapped helped. I rewired all the way from the left switch in power district 2 till it met the switch in power district 3.  Thanks.  It’s helped because now both #1 and #3 work with no shorts, etc.  Power District 2 still shorts out as soon as I try to hook it up so I have something else wrong

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