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"3 power districts run through a PM42.  #1 run perfectly and is all I can use.  #2 shorts out as soon as it’s connected to the PM42. I’ve been trying to find where for 4 weeks. #3 doesn’t short until my engine gets to the switch.  I have isolated each auto reverse section and run power to sections through 3 separate psx-ar’s.  All switches are frog juiced.  I’ve made sure drops, juicers, and auto reversers stay in their respective bus lines and don’t cross to another power district. Each juicer and psx- 42 was run through the instructions test. I use NCE power pro system. All power districts are isolated (dashed lines.)  I can’t think of anything unless I’ve put the isolations for the auto reverse sections in the wrong places.

Actually, if it's wired as depicted there's problems, for sure.   Follow the rightmost track on the left side as it turns to the right near the top.  At the turnout, the + changes sides on that track without any isolation.  If wired that way, yes, district 2 will have a dead short.

The stretch of track from the turnout on the left of the center peninsula that runs to the turnout in the lower section of PD3 is wired with the wrong polarity.

As I see it the gapping is okay as is, but the wiring as shown is a problem.  If you distill the drawing to it's relevant elements, it's pretty straightforward.  I'll post that elemental sketch to Charles' folder.  The section that's miswired is depicted in red on my sketch.


On 12/2/2021 9:50 AM, Don Weigt wrote:
Don't offhand see anything wrong with power district two. But the lower turnout in power district 3 is gapped wrong. Not the + signs are opposite sides of the two tracks coming down to it. Those tracks (above the turnout as drawn) need both rails gapped at the turnout. No gaps are needed in the single track coming off the bottom of the turnout.

Don Weigt

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