Re: Auto reverse area “dead”

Charles Cauble

Finally got diagram up.  3 power districts run through a PM42.  #1 run perfectly and is all I can use.  #2 shorts out as soon as it’s connected to the PM42. I’ve been trying to find where for 4 weeks. #3 doesn’t short until my engine gets to the switch.  I have isolated each auto reverse section and run power to sections through 3 separate psx-ar’s.  All switches are frog juiced.  I’ve made sure drops, juicers, and auto reversers stay in their respective bus lines and don’t cross to another power district. Each juicer and psx- 42 was run through the instructions test. I use NCE power pro system. All power districts are isolated (dashed lines.)  I can’t think of anything unless I’ve put the isolations for the auto reverse sections in the wrong places. I’ve disconnected the 3 districts and tried each district alone but no change. Hope someone sees something wrong or has ideas. Thank y’all for looking at my diagram.  I retired 2 years ago, built me a train room in my walk-in attic and spend as much time in there as I want. It took a while to get all the track down because I had to build inclines, declines, bridges, trestles etc for the track work. I can’t do much more landscaping until I get the wiring figured out. 

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