Re: Auto Reverse

Jim Betz

  A crossover, in an of itself, does not constitute a reversing section.  The only way to know if you
have a reversing section is to take a car and "run" it over the layout thru all possible paths (can
be done virtually on your plan).  If the car can come back over the same piece/section of track
going the other way then you have a reversing section (more than one?).  Even then the cross
over doesn't have to be the reversing section (it can be much larger and somewhere else).
  Although the AR-1 is made by NCE ... if you are going to run sound, lighted passenger trains,
or consists ... you will probably prefer the PSX-AR to the AR-1.  The AR-1 was designed a LONG
time ago and before the advent of sound and does not do well for trains that are drawing more
current.  Even if you don't intend to run any of the above ... if I were you I'd still use a PSX-AR
because once you've run a couple of sound locos you are unlikely to "go back".  ;-)
                                                                                                                                    - Jim in PNW

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